Protect your PII in JIRA

Why should your organization adopt the DevOpsLabs enterprise grade app for PII detection on JIRA?

Scan, Identify & Manage personally identifiable information that enters your software development lifecycle

With this app, organizations can comply better with statutory security guidelines issued by respective governments.

Configure the system to identify PII data based on country / organizational guidelines

Scan existing JIRA issues in projects to detect PII data and alert users through email. Seamlessly export PII data detected as a CSV file.

Alert users on PII data detected while creating the issue and add approved users

Access to PII data is restricted to approved users only

Audit record of approved users who have accessed PII data

Option to add a PII data exception and maintain a log of exceptions

Page-wise listing and monitoring of approved users for PII data

How to safeguard PII throughout the software development lifecycle?

PII Types Supported

Email ID


Credit Card Number

Phone Number

Passport Number

NRIC Number

AWS Secret Key

Google Secret Key

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