Code8 - Software Delivery Platform

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Making DevOps Observable, Compliant, Resilient and Efficient

Code8 is an all-in-one SaaS solution that provides everything you need to turbocharge your software delivery





Looking to turbocharge your SDLC with Code8?

Highlights of DevOpsLabs' Code8:

Comprehensive End-to-End (E2E) solution
Completely Configurable Package
Combination of Paid and Open Source Tools
Real-time SDLC insights at C-suite level
Enables control gates to produce quality software
Reduces lead time to get started with DevOps

Code8 lets you focus on your core – 'Application Development'

DevOps as a Service Infographic

Other Salient Benefits of Code8 for DevOps Teams:

Simplifies effort with reference to environment, delivery pipelines, version

Allows focus on developing business functionality

Zero Investment on management of DevOps Environment

Faster response to business changes

Efficient delivery of Software Changes

Self service platform

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How is DevOps efficiently delivered using DevOpsLabs’ Code8?



How Code8 enables Compliance?

Code8 provides security, unified access, control and governance of the SDLC. It also enables management of artifacts, CI/CD pipelines and compliance tracking. Code8 creates and helps adhere to internal and regulatory compliance requirements by creating a holistic framework.

Key Highlights:

SDLC level

Ensuring Continuous Compliance across the DevOps Pipeline

DevOps tool level

Managing tool level compliance such as privileged access management, certificate expiry and PII detection

Business application level

Providing insights on security compliance conformance


How Code8 enables Efficiency?

Code8 comes with no upfront costs. It works on a pay-per-use model depending on the number of applications, the DevOps tools used, and the duration required to complete your releases

Key Highlights:

Reduces your time to the market

Reduces cost of adoption of DevOps

Reduce Complexity in DevOps

Reduces Strain and Risks in your DevOps

Integrated and Secured Environment

24*7 Support for your DevOps Team

Improve Throughput with same Resources

Enables focus on Business Critical Development

Looking to implement Code8 to achieve DevOps Transformation?


How Code8 enables Resiliency?

Code8 provides an effective, well-rounded chaos testing toolkit to help you test resiliency and fault tolerance in a variety of real-world scenarios on applications deployed in a production environment.

Key Highlights:

Enables Ability to customise and design experiments
Quickly Solve Issues in Development
Enables Scalable Testing
Improves Application Resilience by Chaos Testing Product


How Code8 enables Observability?

Code8 helps tracking and management of the entire software development lifecycle with a satellite view of every detail across the DevOps streams

Key Highlights:

Smart Integrations and Dashboard
Enhances Collaboration between your Teams
Better Control on Continuous Delivery cycles
Real Time Insights
Improves Quality and Security
Better Visualisation with Powerful Analysis

Looking to implement Code8 to achieve DevOps Transformation?