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Managed Services

DevOpsLabs creates a well-managed DevSecOps Toolchain for your organisation by;

Integrating security at every level of application development lifecycle
Automating security and compliance standards in the entire DevSecOps pipeline
Enabling continuous and automatic verification through security chaos testing

Key Benefits of DevOpsLabs’ Managed Services for organisations

2X faster cloud adoption
66% lower cycle time to go from Ideation to Product
70% lower cost to create enterprise grade DevOps capability
50% reduction in time and effort for
a. DevOps system maintenance
b. DevOps tool upgradation
c. Security Patching
70% time savings in defining and managing user access
30% increase in speed to market with SDLC visibility
90% decrease in wait-time to start your DevOps journey
30% SDLC efficiency increase
20% increase in software resiliency quotient
50% lesser time to create tailor-made DevOps pipelines
75% time savings from eliminating manual hand-offs between automated steps
100% Real-time visibility of compliance (application, DevOps platform, Infrastructure Security)

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