DevOps Management Engine (DOME)

DOME is an Intelligent Value Stream Management Platform that enables you to optimize your SDLC right from Idea to Production.

Have Competitive Edge with DevOps Maturity

Make Software Development your Competitive Advantage

With technology innovation disrupting the business landscape, DOME enables organizations to build better software quickly, securely and efficiently.  It accomplishes this through enhanced Visibility, Predictability and Quality Control Systems in place.

How DOME adds value to key personas

DOME uses Data from the DevOps Platform to answer critical questions from business


  • Are critical projects given the right priorities?
  • Where do my IT resources spend their time?
  • How productive are my IT resources?
  • Are the works planned and executed correctly?
  • What are the unplanned activities?
  • How do I know quality of deliverables & workload of the team?


  • How does my team collaborate?
  • Are the blockers resolved on time?
  • Are there any unresolved issues that go beyond my threshold?
  • Does this project warrant an escalation?
  • How many new features are there in the Products?
  • Are we delivering IT Projects at the Business pace?

Project Team

  • How am I performing in this Project in comparison to other Developers?
  • Am I improving at project delivery?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What will the future of work in our organization look like?
  • Can I monitor KPIs using data generated by the DevOps platform?
  • How do I evaluate the Velocity of my project to the Business Forecast?

Tools we integrate with





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Key Features

Detailed Metrics to provide E2E visibility into the SDLC

Persona based metrics to understand SDLC efficiency with project, resource and deliverable level visibility.

Comprehensive DevSecOps toolchain integration to manage workflows and governance

DOME integrates with a wide variety of DevSecOps Tools via Plugins. This allows for a seamless, efficient and secure transitions between stages using quality control gates.

Templatised systems of enforcing Quality Gates depending on the criticality of products & features

Pre-defined control gates depending on application criticality helps to maintain code quality and security standards thereby saving effort on re-work.

Quantify Change Risk through ITSM Integration

Perform complex analytics to numerically estimate the impact caused by a code change to optimise code coverage and testing criteria.

Enhance Software Reliability

Communicate software reliability problems earlier in the development cycle using smart metrics.

Simplified on-boarding of applications onto the DevSecOps platform

Standardized templates for quick onboarding of application through self-service.

Consistent naming nomenclature across the DevSecOps toolchain

Supports maintaining of uniform naming connotation of applications, project names & attributes across the DevSecOps toolchain.

Easier movement of key resources across projects

Self-service on-boarding of users through pre-set templates allows cutting down of wait time and simplified administrative workflows.

Secure your CI/CD pipeline

Monitor all activities across various tools in the DevSecOps toolchain by recording activity logs of administrator.

Enhance Team Collaboration

Accelerate communication and information flow between stakeholders to remove impediments in software development.

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