Implement Devops automation with the help of our experts to achieve visibility in your IT operations, to measure operations performance, to enhance the efficiency, to build proactive prototypes, and to enable faster, simple, yet effective solutions. Our team will assist you in achieving better business and IT alignment with the whole system.
Fast paced surge in consumer demand driven by the digital platforms needs smart solutions. All across the globe, people are working towards creating next stage of intelligent solutions. Automation has become a critical enabler in most of the businesses now.
We are committed to create products with the help of Devops automation which are closely aligned to the business requirements. Our solutions enable the organizations to:
  • Reduce the implementation time of new services from months to minutes
  • Increase productivity of business by saving time
  • Save costs on maintenance and upgrades, and eliminate unnecessary operating expenditure
  • Standardize processes for easy replication and faster delivery
  • Improve quality, reliability and reusability of all system components
  • Increase the rate of success for digitalization strategies and transformation projects
Reasons to Count on Us
Customer Centric
Our products ACT, DOME and LEANOPS allows our customers to build fault free solutions, getting the most out of Devops technology, and most importantly auto detection and data recovery as fast as you would need. Support systems operated across Singapore and India to provide service around the clock.
Product Leadership
Our project management team is a pioneer in creating business solutions. With the cumulative experience of 50+ years, we lead the automation solutions for small, medium and large business.
Operational Excellence
We help you build smarter business by saving costs and transforming the way business operates. We provide the digitally powered and AI driven data solutions to have an edge over your business.
Industry Experts
We have over 30 years of Industry experience combined with expertise in IT and Artificial Intelligence automation. We have the cutting edge engineering capabilities to build the right product at an optimal time.


Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Artificial Intelligent Operations (AIOps)

DevSecOps Tools

Secure Coding

DevSecOps Process

E2E CI/CD Pipeline

Plug-ins for DevSecOps tools

Provide DevSecOps Tools as a Service

Manage on-premise DevSecOps platform

Get a bird’s eye view on projects at your fingertips
Control and monitor the accessibility of the user application areas
Process standardization allows the business to avoid focusing on mundane tasks and reports
Measure the efficiency of the operations and strategize the business decisions with the help of data driven analysis
Support for different Personas
Business Heads
  • Attain visibility on IT projects, resources and deliverables
  • Pivot reactive to proactive approach
  • Transparency in management reporting
  • Productivity and performance measured by system
Project / Program Managers
  • Make decisions based on accurate, real-time reports and dashboards
  • Alerts are managed automatically
  • Quality is measured at delivery
  • Dashboards to know about the strengths and weakness of the team
Application Developers / Leads
  • Dashboards for developers to know about their Quality of work
  • Understand Developers learning needs
  • Progress of Developers professional career
Technology Heads
  • Captures data from DevOps Platform to measure and for making right decisions
  • KPI measured by management dashboards from systems
  • Automated alerts for senior management visibility
Devops tools supported in DOME
Improved Detection
ACT assists in identifying the issues that other testing layers cannot easily capture.
Data recovery is an important network function. Mitigation of the key issues become easy thus avoiding any data loss in customer facing environments.
Quality Gate
Serves as a quality gate to understand if your solution is ready for the final release.
Monitor Application
Allows in understanding the behavior of applications in the products.
Fault Tolerant Systems
Build fault tolerant systems which doesn’t disrupt the functioning of the systems.
Identify the target service with a measurable output
Determine the type of experiment based on real applications
Define the hypothesis to confirm the success rate
Sketch blast radius to understand the impact across the systems
Triggering attack vectors on multiple fronts to infiltrate the network or system
Review test results to decide on the optimal functioning of the system
Assess findings and improvise
IT Operations through Software Engineering Integrated Operations
SRE is a valuable practice when creating scalable and highly reliable software systems. It helps you manage large systems through code, which is more scalable and sustainable for system admins managing hundreds or thousands of machines. SRE helps teams find a balance between releasing new features and making sure that they are reliable for users. Standardization and automation are two important components of the SRE model.
Lowers the application and systems risk by addressing the compliance issues on time
LeanOps automates the routine tasks so operations work remains at half of their workload
100 percent reliability isn’t expected out of any system. LeanOps helps you expect and plan for failures
Organizations lose a lot due to the delay in projects. LeanOps helps you to optimize the time usage for the projects thus reducing the delay
DevOpsLabs Private Ltd. is a Singapore based IT Company. We established in 2019 having Devops and Artificially intelligent IT operations as our forte. DevOpsLabs is spearheaded by our SME's who have expertise in CICD and DevOps Automation.
We have crafted the art of inculcating chaos engineering to achieve quicker and reliable IT solutions. We are the pioneers in implementing SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) helping the operations and development teams to see the other side of the process, while introducing visibility to the complete application lifecycle.
At DevOpsLabs we believe that the optimal way to attain quality while shortening the system development life cycle is through our deliverables. We customize our solutions to suit your need. Our resources are available at Singapore and India.
To build reliable IT solutions which would benefit the customers, help them grow their business, and assist them in optimizing the business operations for a greater customer experience.
To be a reliable associate for businesses building IT systems for a better world.
  • Integrity - We are true to what we believe in
  • Customer Experience - We strive for the best customer experience
  • Result Oriented - We make everyday count with the results
  • Innovation - Innovation in applications is our key strength
  • Collaboration and Partnership - We aim at exponential growth through collaborations

Have any questions or enquiries? Just fill in the details or get in touch with us via email/phone & our experts will be happy to help you at the earliest.

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