Think DevOps. Think DevOpsLabs.

History of DevOpsLabs

In 2019, a small group of Subject Matter Experts came together to build cutting-edge DevOps and Chaos Engineering products. This quest of developing advanced, innovative, and intelligent solutions led in the development of two of our primary products – DOME and ACE.

SDLC Observability powered by DevOpsLabs’ home-grown intelligent VSMP solution helps organizations gain visibility into complete SDLC – from plan to monitor. With smart integrations and dashboards, one can get real-time insights into how efficient the software delivery mechanism is.


Home-grown automated chaos engineering product helps identify resiliency gaps through a stress test mechanism. It emphasizes applications in eight distinct areas. Resolving identified resiliency gaps based on such stress tests would help improve software resiliency.

As with anything else, advanced items such as this require time to create.

In 2021, when we had learnt how to build integrations with other products, a niche business opportunity presented itself – app development. This is how we developed our Apps for Security & Compliance vertical.

Today, we have three successful apps that assist businesses in identifying, protecting, managing, and logging personally identifiable information (PII) throughout the SDLC. These apps work brilliantly with JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket. In addition, we also have an app that helps with 2 factor authentication for your code repositories on Sonatype Nexus.

Enter 2022 – DevOpsLabs begins a consolidation mode to create ‘DevOps-as-a-Service’ by combining its capabilities in Application Development, DevOps consulting capability, Value Stream Mapping and Chaos Engineering. DevOps-as-a-Service is the most advanced, feature rich and effective solution ever built with 4 key objectives i.e., making Software Development Observable, Affordable, Resilient and Compliant.

Our Grand Vision

To be THE go-to-partner for your DevOps journey.


Simplify DevOps. We offer a reliable and sustainable platform and provide insights on DevOps.

Values we live by:






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