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DevSecOps – A value multiplier for Hi-Tech companies

As security imperatives gain prominence in board room agendas, DevSecOps is the natural next stage in the progression for organizations embracing DevOps. From global Top 10 banks to some of the largest enterprises across industries, a security mindset and a culture that makes security everyone’s responsibility has been driven through DevSecOps. With an emphasis on shift-left of security tasks, applications are made increasingly secure by embedding security practices throughout the DevOps pipeline starting from requirements definition.

CIOs have reported a significant reduction in security breaches resulting in productivity improvements as DevSecOps enables early vulnerability detection, improves reliability through automation, reduces rework while enhancing application security. CXOs find that the benefits of DevSecOps are a source of competitive advantage as they go to market with digital transformation initiatives to power their next phase of evolution in the new normal.

Download this whitepaper to understand how DevSecOps can be a profitable differentiator for your organizational growth.