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SRE multiplies the benefits for DevOps

From early adopters of DevOps to enterprises that took their time to transform their application delivery, organizations have continued to scale and mature their DevOps practices. In this new normal, rapid, and regular releases multiple times a day or week differentiates leaders from the rest. At the same time, business expectations on platform reliability and operational efficiency have grown multifold. SRE is the most popular approach adopted by leading CIOs to upgrade their DevOps initiatives. It has simplified the effort for organizations to transform from a project-based to a product-based approach. SRE has proven to be flexible and easy to adopt in both modern microservices and multi-cloud based platforms and legacy application landscapes

SRE has improved the ability of leaders to balance velocity with reliability considerations and deliver multifold value. Since SRE metrics are customer-focused, organizations have seen a rapid improvement in customer satisfaction with its adoption. CXOs get a much better understanding and timely reporting on business value helping shape key decisions. As SRE emphasizes on toil reduction through automation, the throughput rapidly increases. This has enabled DevOps transformation initiatives to deliver business growth while rapidly transforming business models.

Download this whitepaper to understand how organizations multiply the benefits of their DevOps transformation by adopting SRE.