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We Are committed to our solutions

We are committed to deliver World class automation AIOps (Artificial Intelligent Operations) through our Product, DTOP. According to a survey, more than 90 percent of IT professionals believe that AIOps will deliver actionable insights to help automate and enhance overall IT operations functions.

According to Gartner, ”Artificial intelligence for IT operations, (AIOps) for applications enables the automated discovery for performance and event patterns, and detection of the source (or root cause) of performance anomalies for HTTP/S transactions supported by Java and .NET application servers.”.

Another common woe we have seen over the years is that there are too many alerts to manage and it becomes unmanageable thus we end up overlooking some critical alerts.

“AIOps will help reduce false positives, build alert correlation and help in identifying root cause without having the tech go to multiple tools." - Arnab Mukhopadhyay, an ITSM professional at the Florida Department of Transportation.

In the current competitive market predictive analytics play an import role in predicting user experience. The future of IT Operations lies in how smart & quick you are in eliminating repeated or manual tasks to reduce the operations cost.

"With machine learning to analyze our data, we can pro actively be alerted of potential issues, giving us time to react and resolve a larger issue before it happens." –Joe Scremba, system administrator, Gordon Food Service.

Why Choose Us

IT Operations has evolved rapidly over the past few years which have led to resource intensive management of Applications & Infrastructure involving strenuous toil and Data collection. Some of the organizations are still managing data center, servers and applications manually using tools and techniques designed decades ago.

The need for constant availability, real-time insights and predictive capability has led us to develop a product using Artificial Intelligence capabilities named DTOP. DTOP is a tool which automatically collects application and infrastructure data from various sources, perform analysis, predict behaviors, automatically take corrective or preventive actions and alert the support team.